i write about the delightful.

This blog began as a place to interview interesting friends I was meeting during college. As my life grew, my content grew with it. The Delighted People is now a journal for travel, thoughts, lots (and lots) of pictures, and artistic endeavors. This site is also home to my design and photography work.



here's the official stuff.

I'm Alex, a born and bred Alabamian. I earned my BFA in graphic design from Samford University and have since worked for Hope Heals, the International Mission Board, and a bunch of freelance clients. My most recent gig was as a media specialist at a non-profit in London, England. Engagement, portrait, and product photography have also made it on my resume.

My skill sets include identity design, web design, social media graphics, motion graphics, animation, illustration, hand-lettering, and print design.

I am not accepting freelance work at the moment, but I'm happy to recommend you to another designer in my network. Hope you're not too devastated ;)


here's what you actually want to read.


Color of choice

Grey or blue or emerald green

Favorite food

Every kind of pizza

Celebrity crush

Harrison Ford circa Raiders of the Lost Ark

Best book

Peace Like a River by Leif Enger




Dream job

Farmer or portrait painter


2 parents, 3 siblings, 3 in-laws, 6 niblings

Guilty pleasures

One Direction and Nancy Meyer films


Happy place

London's Natural History Museum

Broken bones

Ankle, thumb, nose, nose

Fondest Memory

One perfect day on the Cape of Good Hope

My Purpose

To move people closer to Jesus