A Delightful Person: Sarah Witkowski


To this day, Sarah and I still discover mutual friends or strange connections we had long before we met. Despite orbiting in the same Birmingham circles, Sarah and I didn't meet until a few winters back when we were waiting for a flight to the same job fair. The jobs have come and gone, but the sisterhood stays strong.

My trademark is my one liner sayings. Go big or go home.

My purpose is to glorify God and to make much of Him in my life in whatever I do.

I admire resiliency in other people.

My favorite song of all time is: Oh gosh, how to choose? It's like choosing your favorite child, you know? How does one choose between the Goo Goo Dolls, Ella Fitzgerald, Amos Lee and Third Eye Blind?

The films I could watch on replay are… The Sound of Music, The Princess Diaries, Remember the Titans

I am currently reading…about 7 partially started books, I have a problem with starting but not finishing books.

I am inspired by simple moments of people watching in parks, airports, coffeeshops. I hope that doesn’t come across too creepy…

I escape by listening to jazz or Frank Sinatra with white Christmas lights and a candle lit. 

I wish I could have dinner with Julie Andrews.

My favorite scent is the smell of your hair and clothes after sitting next to a campfire.

My favorite time of day is golden hour right before the sun sets. It is quite magical. 

My bucket list includes lunch with Julie Andrews and learning to DJ.

My guilty pleasures are Captain Crunch and 90’s music. 

My most recent purchase was crunchy cookie butter from Trader Joe's.

Sarah, your spirit is as clear and good as those green eyes. Your earnestness, authenticity, and gentleness are rare and refreshing. You ask good questions and give honest answers, which I consider two small acts of bravery. From Asia to Africa, you've left a wide swathe of goodness in your wake and I pray God allows you to keep throwing the confetti of your presence all around the globe. Having you in the world makes the air a little sweeter and I am glad we finally bumped into one another. Keep marching forth, sister.

Image by Alli Quattlebaum