A Delightful Person: Allye Durr


the story: adelaide (aka, allye) and i met through mutual friends at samford. i decided we were soul mates when she told me that, like me, she wanted to be an art therapist! i hugged her many times and thought of names for the clinic we will open.

your {soundtrack}: “heart of gold” by neil young, “beside you” by van morrison, “that’s the way” by led zeppelin, “landslide” by fleetwood mac, “bald as love” by the jimi hendrix experience, “america” by simon and garfunkel

your {script}: almost famousthe virgin suicidesknocked upinto the wildlords of dogtownthe cake eaters(500) days of summer

your {rough draft}: absolutely anything and everything by anne lamott. eat, pray, lovea room called remember.

your {shade}: robin’s egg blue. it reminds me of birds and oceans and all things peaceful.

your {inspiration}: authenticity. people who aren’t afraid to show their God-given gifts, but also their deepest sorrows and struggles.

words to {live} by: mostly what God does is love you. {Ephesians 5, the message}

when hope is not pinned on wriggling onto a shiny image or expectation, it sometime floats forth and opens. {anne lamott}

here is the world. beautiful and terrible things will happen. don’t be afraid. {frederick buechner}

you belong among the wild flowers, you belong in a boat out at sea. sail away, kill off the hours, you belong somewhere you feel free. {tom petty}

you {love}: those certain songs that dig up deep emotion, whether it be gladness or sadness of laughter or freedom.

you {hate}: katy perry.

your {purpose}: to always seek truth, no matter how ugly it may be.

you {believe} in: people who don’t have it all figured out.

your {escape}: watching my favorite shows on hulu a few days after they’ve aired on tv… modern familygleecougar towncommunity.

your {origin}: franklin, tennesse. i love it because there isn’t a single thing not to love about it. it’s absolutely the most lovable place.

your {fondest} memory: backpacking through europe with my family. every moment from that trip is and always will be a fond memory.

your {challenge}: i want to sit and relax and enjoy conversation — i rarely want to do. i can be very lazy!

you {wish} you could meet: janis joplin, john lennon, sufjan stevens, dave matthews.

your {proudest} moment: any time i made a good grade in high school. it was a rare occurrence.

who you want to {be}: lucy pevensie from the chronicles of narnia — she’s bold and courageous, yet so innocent and trusting. i want that.

your {wildest} dream: to live at the beach, preferably in sea side. i know that isn’t that wild, but there’s nothing i’d rather do.

your {pet peeves}: people who chew their gum loudly or, even worse, play with it.

your {site}: i’m ashamed to say that i regularly check up on people.com.

your {location}: college. samford university… for the next four years!

your {childhood} ambition: i’ve always wanted to have lots of babies, even when i was a little girl.

your most {embarrassing} moment: that i can’t say in a public forum, but i did trip going up the stairs to my dorm a few days ago.

{surprise} us: i could eat fried pickles all day. my go-to karaoke song is “man in the mirror.” i wish i could be kristen stewart.

{describe} yourself: understanding.

allye, you are one special person. you radiate peace and emanate beauty. you are genuinely interested in others, and you own who you are. i dedicate this project to you because (first) you kind of suggested it in the first place, and (two) you are an inspirational human being. keep shining, lovely girl.

you are {delightful}.