A Delightful Person: Caroline Mortensen


the story: i was helping my friend olivia do a last-minute facebook search for roommates this summer. we messaged a few prospective girls, including caroline, about rooming with olivia. caroline and olivia ended up rooming together (and living happily ever after). caroline thinks we met on move-in day in august. but she doesn't know that i wrote the first facebook message for olivia... 

your {soundtrack}: "the wind" by cat stevens, "lullaby+exile" by m. ward, "river" by joni mitchell, "who loves the sun" by the velvet underground, "a rose for emily" by the zombies, and any tune uttered from the lips of bob dylan.

your {script}: chaplin, lars and the real girl, an education, almost famous, pride and prejudice, the darjeeling limited, moon.

your {rough draft}: franny and zooeyby j.d. salinger, the picture of dorian gray and the importance of being earnest by oscar wilde, jane eyre by charlotte bronte, the sun also rises by ernest hemingway.

your {shade}: any shade of blue. a lot of my clothes are blue, the sky is blue, the ocean is blue. why not blue?

your {inspiration}: watching clouds, reading, listening to joni mitchell, walking around and taking in my surroundings, visiting new places.

words to {live} by: always be kind and true and try to smell the good. {m. lee toothman,  my grandfather}

keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flows the springs of life. {proverbs 4:23}

you {love}: walking barefoot, going on bike rides, sleeping during thunderstorms, the smell of thrift stores, vintage bicycles, plastic cameras, coffee shops.

you {hate}: miley cyrus, wearing pants (i just prefer to wear skirts or dresses), and when people try to control other peoples' lives

your {escape}: taking a long, hot shower and reading f. scott fitzgerald short stories in sweat pants.

your {origins}: tampa, florida. i love it because i am very close to the beach and the weather is splendid.

your {fondest} memory: it was my sixth or seventh birthday, and my parents took me to tweetsie railroad in boone, north carolina. i got to ride a train, i sat on a plastic horse, rode a ferris wheel, bought a tomahawk, and ate a chocolate puppy.

your biggest {challenge}: daydreaming. i get distracted very easily. also, spelling.

you {wish} you could meet: BOB DYLAN, oscar wilde, napoleon bonaparte, and matthew ward.

your {proudest} moment: on the first day of drawing class when we had to draw a chair with a sheet draped over it, and when class was finished what i drew looked like a chair with a sheet draped over it.

you want to {be}: a combination of phoebe buffay, summer flinn, and kristen wiig.

your {wildest} dream: to travel to india and soak in the culture and take a lot of pictures.

your {pet peeves}: when people make too much noise when they eat (i will tell you this), and when people have nasty fingernails.

your last {purchase}: bonsai tree from a roadside stand in way north florida (christmas gift for my brother).

your {location}: i am in college at samford university.

your {childhood ambition}: to be a cartoonist.

your most {embarrassing} moment: i have way too many to even think of one. but once a girl on my hall did walk in on me in the bathroom making funny and weird faces in the mirror.

{surprise} us: i can't step on cracks in the sidewalk. if i do i have to stop on a similar looking crack in the same manor with opposite foot.

{describe} yourself: comical.

caroline, you are a rainbow. you have so many incredible facets to your soul -- hysterical, creative, sensitive, smart, sarcastic, stylish -- but they all come together to form one insanely vivid person. you are dauntless when it comes to being yourself, even when that means doing the robot in the middle of drawing class. thank you for providing constant entertainment and sweet friendship. i'm so glad you messaged us back. keep popping and locking, brilliant girl.

you are {delightful}.