A Delightful Person: Goodson McLemore


the story: if i haven’t known goodson my whole life, i must not have been cognitively aware when we met. our families are old friends and we’ve gone to the same church for a long, long time. goodson and i now both attend samford (where he’s a year ahead of me), and i’m having fun watching this boy grow into a bigger boy. we laugh together, we sing together, and (most importantly) we eat together. 

your [soundtrack]: “arizona” by kings of leon, “blue moon” by dean martin, “don’t let me down” by the beatles, “where to begin” by my morning jacket, “john wayne gacy, jr.” by sufjan stevens, “gimme one reason” by tracy chapman.

your [script]: butch cassidy and the sundance kidit’s kind of a funny story.

your [shade]: green, for obvious reasons.

words to [live] by: “question everything.”

you [love]: packs of cleaning towels in white miniature tubs, clorox, armor all.

you [hate]: showering, sweat, itchy sweaters, and phonies.

your [purpose]: eat, drink, sleep.

you [believe] in: small talk, although it is a hard skill to master.

your [escape]: sleep or guitar. mostly sleep.

your [pet peeves]: smacking. and when i’m turning into traffic and the passenger looks out of the window and blocks my view of oncoming traffic.

your [vices]: chewing on straws and whitney houston.

your [origins]: montgomery, alabama. i love it because it’s home.

[fondest] memory: yellowstone with my family when i was like eight years old. things were great until i accidentally strangled myself with my seatbelt.

your biggest [challenge]: i remember p.e. being pretty challenging in middle school coming in at 4’11”, 140 pounds. i think.

your most [embarrassing] moment: i wet my pants in fifth grade. my mom had to come to school and bring me some new pants. no one found out because i put my backpack inmy lap for like two hours.

you wish to [meet]: all the famous people i wanna meet would probably be jerks, so i’m pretty satisfied with the people i’ve already met.

you want to [be]: a cherokee indian circa sixteenth century.

your [wildest] dream: i would move to alaska without any money or a car. i wouldn’t tell my friends and family, and i would stop contributing to society. people might make a book and/or movie about me. that would be nice.

your childhood [ambition]: i wanted to be a cowboy.

your [site]: blogotheque.net.

your [last] purchase: water and air fresheners.

your [location]: samford university in birmingham. all’s well.

[surprise] us: i am trilingual.

you [like]: my “sick ability to emotionally detach.” i feel like it might come in handy in an armageddon type scenario.

you [are]: a homo sapien.

goody, you’re my brother. i really can’t express how much you mean to me or how much you’ve added to my childhood. you’re completely odd, but that’s the best thing about you. your tomfoolery makes me laugh harder than almost anyone, but you display an incredible emotional, artistic, and spiritual depth, as well. some of my best memories involve you (who will ever forget our day at universal?!), and i thank you immensely for being such a good part of my life and of the human race. i am very, very proud of who you’ve been, who you are, and who you’re becoming. i believe in you. stay good, my extraordinary boy.

you are [delightful].