A Delightful Person: Grace Dvornik



the story: technically, i’ve known grace since i was a fetus. our families lived together in washington, d.c., (before grace and i were born) and have been very close ever since. although we’ve never lived in the same city, our families vacationed or visited each other often, so we grew up together, in a way. i am blessed enough to be reunited with grace at samford this year. 

your [soundtrack]: “closer to the sun” by slightly stoopid, anything by jack’s mannequin, “blue skies” by noah and the whale, “love me or let me go” by avery, “super bass” by nicki minaj, “breathe me” by sia, “grey street” by dave matthews band, “somewhere with you” by kenny chesney, “free and easy” by dierks bentley, “mmmbop” by hanson, “all i do is win” by dj khaled, “all the above” by maino featuring t-pain.

your [script]: top gun, the last song, remember the titans, HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!, back to the future.

your [rough draft]: harry potter series, memoirs of a teenage amnesiac by gabrielle zevin, the last song by nicholas sparks.

your [shade]: the ocean (yes, i really think it’s a color).your [escape]: i mostly drive around really fast in my car. i used to lay on the floor and listen to the beatles of dave matthews band.your [pet peeves]:when someone bakes a cake and drops it and has to bake another one (that didn’t just literally happen to me or anything…)

your [guilty] pleasure: i love baking desserts and eating the majority of them right away.

your [last] purchase: tickets to see carrie underwood at the grand ole opry!!!

your [inspiration]: music and photography.your [wildest] dream: i really want to go cage diving with great white sharks off the great barrier reef.you wish you could [meet]: shawn johnson, rosie hardy (my absolute favorite photographer).

words to [live] by: never eat more than you can lift. [miss piggy. we actually have that framed and hanging on the wall in the kitchen of our beach house. we like to eat in the dvornik family.]

you [love]: surfing, dancing, painting, photography.

you [hate]: i hate ping-pong balls, large crowds, sudden loud noises, and cold weather.

your [purpose]: i have no idea.

you [believe]: in fairies.

your [influence]: my family, best friends, and my track coaches.

your [origin]: i’m from clearwater, florida, and i love it because i live on the beach!

your [fondest] memory: going on a surf trip with my family.

your [biggest] challenge: moving forward.

your [proudest] moment: becoming Princess, the highest leadership honor at summer kamp, at kanakuk.

your most [embarrassing] moment: well, this one time i passed out during convo…

your childhood [ambition]: i really wanted to be an astronaut. it was a hardcore obsession. that dream died when i went on mission space, a space shuttle simulator, at disney world.

you want to [be]: i want to be someone people admire.

your [site]: i love twitter and tumblr, and i have a flickr for my photography. all of my usernames are gracedvornik.

your [location]: samford university. i spend my time painting, in the theatre, or doing nothing in my room. i don’t have a roommate. it’s boring sometimes.

[surprise] us: i used to direct weddings with my mom. i’m a clown. i was born on a leap year.

you [like]: my hair and my last name.

you [are]: a redhead.

grace, the vibrancy of your hair has nothing on the vibrancy of your soul. you are as bright as they come — your eclectic wardrobe, madly creative vibe, adventurous spirit, luscious locks, dry sense of humor, acting abilities, and athleticism AMAZE me. you truly pursue the things you love, and that drive is immensely inspiring. i can’t wait to see what you will accomplish.  you and your wondrous family are so near to my heart. i’m proud to share your middle name, gracie. keep exploring, super girl.

 you are [delightful].