A Delightful Person: Hannah Ward


the story: this summer before coming to school, my friend who was at a samford orientation texted me that she had met the coolest girl ever -- short hair and glasses and vintage clothes and a "chill vibe." hannah was that girl. when school started, we met and started hanging out. she's met my dad, so our relationship is pretty official.

your {soundtrack}: "crash into me" by dave matthews band, "dramamine" by modest mouse, "collie man" by slightly stoopid, "fast blood" by frighted rabbit, "coastal brake" by tycho, "mount wroclai" by beirut.

your {script}: into the wild, brick, amélie

your {rough draft}: siddhartha by herman hesse, call of the wild by jack london, ender's game by orson scott card.

words to {live} by: if we admit that human life can be ruled by reason, then all possibility of life is destroyed. {leo tolstoy}

your {origin}: ormond beach, florida. i love that i can ride my bike everywhere and that the beach is my backyard. plus, i love that it never gets colder than t-shirt and jeans weather.

your {escape}: long walks and surfing. when i'm at home, i go surfing everyday. the ocean is the one place that makes me feel closest to God and at peace with my mind and spirit.

you {love}: being barefoot, bike-riding, nintendo 64, gnomes, vinyl, seinfeld, playing piano, camping, circuses, missions.

you {wish} you could meet: my grandmother. she died a year before i was born, but i feel as if i have always had a strong personal connection with her, and at times i feel as if much of her has been embodied in me.

your {site}: http://drawhannah.tumblr.com/

is my blog. it's really just a picture compilation of oddities that i think are interesting and random streams of thought.

your {wildest dream}: the world race. it's a mission trip backpacking for eleven months in eleven countries all over the world. i love relationship evangelism and just being able to share experiences with individuals from different walks of life.

{surprise} us: i'm on the crew team at samford. it was just started this year by a bunch of freshman you wanted to row. come check it out!

{describe} yourself: footloose.

hannah, you appreciate life. you love the diversity of this world. you love to ask questions. you love conversations with new people. you're an avid discover, and that's what makes you so refreshing. i love your peaceful nature and your soft voice. keep discovering, chica bella.

you are {delightful}.