Have a happy lunch!


I've been spending lunchtime at my desk a lot recently and plan to continue doing so until the sunshine returns sometime in April or May. Let's be real, what errand or Tesco meal deal is worth the soggy, slippery mile to the center of town during that precious thirty minutes? This week I made a conscious effort to take a half-hour break from work to explore all the weird and wonderful things the Internet has to offer as I ate lunch. Here's some of the best stuff I discovered...

Three years ago this week I moved to Africa, so I am loving these gorgeous Namibian landscapes in a major way.

Have you been watching Making a Murderer? My main takeaway has been a confusing crush on Steven's defense attorney.

One of the best humans I know is writing a book and it's now available for pre-order. So go pre-order it.

This is what making friends as an adult feels like.

Inside a Salon on Wheels for the homeless. YES.

The best gift I gave this Christmas. Or, possibly, ever.

Have you read the latest Young Suffering Club story? Highly recommend.

I will own this quilt. And maybe be buried with it, is that weird?

Was anyone else also completely mesmerized by Rey's instant bread in Star Wars?!

Introducing Betty Reid, the oldest active duty U.S. National Park ranger. What a legend.

(Image of Girl Scouts circa 1918 via library)