Have a super lunch!


I've been on a Tolkien kick since I visited Oxford this week. Let him read a bedtime story to you.

The only thing I love more than flowers is flowers IN SPACE.

I didn't get to make it to this light festival, but I heard it was magnificent. Ten points for you, London.

I'm seeking a Powerball winner to take a trip per week with me in 2016. Takers?

Sentences are one of the best things to collect.

Do you have an MLK Day tradition? I'm really digging how these friends celebrate.

I always loved exploring this concept with identical dorm rooms in college.

I'm with Dickens and Hemingway. Walks are the greatest.

I never thought I'd meet a promo code I didn't love.

Would you try the Uber of takeout food? I'm curious and scared.

Drooling over this ranking of Europe's best National Parks.

Look at this baby musk ox and thank me later.

What did you learn during lunch this week?

(Image via Journeyer Escape)