A Delightful Person: Jenn Debrecht


the story: jenn was the resident assistant on a hall near my room my freshman year. i had always seen her around, and we had mutual friends, but we never really met. until, that is, the night i returned from winter break and jenn was standing in my room, just being best buds with my roommate. it seemed random at the time, but what an incredible addition she has been to my college experience. she's just a best friend-sister-mother-mentor hybrid i have the privilege of sharing my days with!

your [manuscript]: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. Happy Potter and the Prisoner of Azakaban. The Alchemist. The History of Love. Stargirl.

your [shade]: green.

your [inspiration]: Beauty among chaos.

words to [live] by: One day at a time.

you [love]: the sunshine, nonverbal communication, peanut m&ms, doing laundry, snow, stepping and singing, wit.

you [hate]: Action that lacks intention.

you [believe]: I believe in bridges. Bridges that build relationships between the least likely people. Majestic bridges built by a King, waiting patiently for me to cross and carrying me every step.

your [influence]: The Webb Women: my mom, aunt, and grandma.

your [purpose]: to listen.

you [admire]: Ambition.

your [escape]: Anything involving books, parks, and good food.

your [pet peeves]: Poor grammar.

your [fondest] memory: Going to the beach just before a hurricane hits. My family would convince the police blocking the bridge to let us cross so we could fall into the wind. With upwards of 70mph gusts, we’d position ourselves between two buildings and throw our whole bodies against the wind, letting it hold us up, keeping us from falling. Looking back, I’m not sure my parents were in the soundest of mind, but I’m glad certainly glad they weren’t.

you [wish] to meet: Harry Potter.

you [want] to be: Bob Goff or Jack Bauer. Who do I want to marry? Mike Rowe. (That’s not really a question but I feel it’s vital to knowing me. Dirty Jobs, anyone?)

your [proudest] moment: Observing my selfless friends. My pride is in knowing them.

your [humblest] moment: In second grade I had a solo in the Christmas Pagent. The lyrics were: “From Nazareth to Bethlehem/Mary and Joseph traveled so far/it must have been hard/it must have been long.” I remember them now, 15 years ago, however, they seemed to escape me. Tears ensued, classmates laughed, and all the parents were very comforting.

your [wildest] dream: To edit and publish a book with Alex Wolf. Duh.

your [childhood] ambition: To be a meteorologist or news anchor. I think I just wanted their big hair.

your [destination]: DISNEY WORLD!

your [vice]: One Direction. Teen novels. 

your [hidden] talent: My fingers can design a pretty mean French Braid. As showcased by my roommate almost daily.

your [pride]: My sense of direction.

your [origins]: Boca Raton, Fl. It is paradise.

your [site]: http://dreamcakesbakery.wordpress.com/

your [now]: About to be living the postgrad life in Birmingham where I’ll continue working at a pretty dreamy bakery in Edgewood.

jenn, you know how to live. you inhabit every square inch of your life and yourself -- everything you do is intentional and purposeful, but never overly analyzed. you show such deep appreciation for every person you know and every circumstance you encounter. you cherish each person as she deserves to be cherished, and you  make me feel more precious than gold! your presence is quiet, but so very strong, and i don't want to imagine this world without it. thank you for your shared home, your open kitchen policy, your love of young adult fiction, your refusal to judge, and your unique perspective. you are my favorite and that is all. keep treasuring others, my treasured girl.

you are [delightful]