A Delightful Person: Joanna Sadler


the [story]: During small group one night a beautiful, bright girl I had never met before breezed through the door with a huge smile and I thought, I gotta be friends with her! One by one, she greeted every person in that room with authentic warmth and love. She introduced herself to me and immediately asked to hang out sometime. Now, many dinners and films and boat rides later, I proudly call Jo a beloved friend and sister.

your [soundtrack]: That’s a hard one – it generally depends on the context! Having studied music, I have listened to so many different songs from all genres, eras and cultures, so I have lots!

[your script]: I absolutely love action films – they’re so exciting! So I’d say the Mission Impossible and James Bond films

[your rough draft]:Unmerited Favor by Joseph Prince, Unglued and The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst. And of course, the Bible – I’m constantly being transformed by God’s Word!

[your shade]: It does change, but at the moment I’m really into mint green – it’s such a fun and refreshing colour!

[your inspiration]: People!!! It blows me away how amazing humans can be! I love learning from others– from a business person to a stay-at-home mum, it’s always so encouraging and inspiring hearing about what people do and how they’ve got there.

your [mantra]: “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline” - 2 Timothy 1:7. After a woman gave me this verse written on a piece of paper when I was a shy little girl, I held onto it as truth and it has come with me ever since, continuously transforming me in each and every season.

you [love]: Jesus, people, sunsets, walking, learning, playing music, veg, fruit, writing in coffee shops, the church, laughing, organisation.

you [hate]: Bad smells. I have a very sensitive nose!!!

your [purpose]: To enjoy falling more in love with Jesus each day; to be all that God created me to be through His amazing power at work within me; and to lead and encourage people to possess and enjoy all that was purchased for them by Jesus. What all that practically looks like - I’m not too sure but I’m very excited to see!

you [believe]: That Jesus is the answer to everything!

your [influence]: After Jesus, I would say my parents. My dad is the most humble, talented and generous man alive and my mum is full of selfless love, respect, and refreshing fun. I am constantly learning from their marriage and the way they create such a safe, peaceful and nurturing environment in our home for myself and many others.

you [admire]: Integrity. People who remain the same no matter where they are or who they are around.

your [escape]: Going for walks, cooking, playing my cello/piano, and doing fun and active activities.

your [perfection]: Laughing and being surrounded by the people I love.

your [challenge]:Not quite being able to express everything I want to in speech – words often fail me!! (Although, as has happened with previous challenges, I’m believing that that will become a strength one day!)

your [origins]:I am from Surrey in the UK. I love it because I get the best of both worlds: it is so beautiful and full of great country views, yet so close to London and city life.

your [fondest] memory: The feeling of running into my daddy’s arms as a child, after not seeing him for a few days!!

you'd [meet]: This woman who prayed over my life, looked me in the eyes and told me I was very beautiful when I was 12 – I believed her and her words truly changed my view of myself and my value. I would love to meet her and thank her.

your [proudest] moment: My graduation. University years were really tough for me, so to achieve my degree alongside all that was going on was such a huge achievement for me. Receiving my certificate at my graduation ceremony was my sign of victory!

your [ideal] meal: I love food. I actually love nothing more than a bowl of veg with some good bread and cheese on the side, and a glass of red wine!

your [crush]: David Beckham.

your [humblest] moment: Ha - This time in school where someone punched my clip-on ponytail across the classroom. It was very awkward for everyone.

you [aspire] to: Be someone who refreshes those around her.

your [biopic] star: Jack Bauer?

your [fantasy] nationality: American. I love the culture and how fun and laid-back people are!

your [dream] destination: Germany – I would visit my lovely German friends and travel around, ending up in Austria

your [pet peeve]: Eating noises! I literally cannot stand the noises some people make when eating!

your [bucket list]: To go in a hot air balloon!!

you [cry] : I’m not an overly emotional person. I cry more at happy things like witnessing people reunited, and seeing pure joy and passion.

you [laugh]: When I skip/jump. Also people – especially my best friend Georgie.

your [vice]:Secretly, I get a lot of pleasure out of standing on the heels of people in front of me who get in my way.

your [childhood] ambition: To be on the BBC News. (It is still an ambition!)

your [site]: www.eternal-purpose.com

your [last] purchase: The cutest dress that was reduced from £60 to £9 – I love a good bargain!

your [now]: I live in Surrey with my parents. Workwise, I am currently interning part-time at a music organisation. The rest of my time I spend on various music and writing projects and goals, or studying God’s Word.

your [trademark]: My freckles

your [surprise]: I wake up every morning and shout “IT’S A NEW DAY” – I don’t think my family members always appreciate it!

you [like]:That I am okay with my own company! It means I have a lot of fun!

you [are]: Passionate.

Jo, you are sunshine – warm, bright, lovely, and life-giving. You literally glow on the outside as love, beauty, and light spills forth from inside you. Every person, stranger or otherwise, is a friend by default to you.  You prove how highly you value all people by treating us with genuine interest and curiosity. You make people feel worthwhile, Jo, and that is one of the most Christlike attributes I can imagine! Never have I walked away from time with you without feeling totally inspired and equipped to go love Jesus and people in bigger, more daring ways. You are humbly wise, completely magnetic, steadfast in love, and visibly joyful. My life is better for knowing you. Big things are ahead for you, Joanna Sadler! Keep glowing, my radiant girl!