A Delightful Person: Jules Huff


our [story]: tragically, i did not meet jules until my last year at samford. she was this fixture on campus... everybody knew jules. and i finally got to join the fan club last fall after she introduced herself to me one day! success! 

your [soundtrack]: Al, you can't ask a music major this question. "Desert Soul" by Rend Collective; "We Will All Be Changed" by Seryn; "Home" by Phillip Phillips; "ABC" by Jackson 5; "Come Thou Fount" (Kings Kaleidoscope version);" Adagio for Strings" by Barber; "Jupiter" by Holst; "Oceans" by Hillsong; "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong

your [script]: Pride and Prejudice, Despicable Me, She's the Man, Saving Mr. Banks, Sweet Home Alabama, Miracle, The Rookie, Silver Linings Playbook, Sound of Music, Mary Poppins.

your [library]: The Bible; The Curious Incident of Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon; Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen; Crazy Love by Francis Chan; Narnia series by CS Lewis; Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

your [shade]: YELLOW. But not the obnoxious kind. The soft yellow that you want to paint your kitchen. It's just so happy and makes everything feel warm and inviting.

your [inspiration]:  People that love others by showing them Jesus in how they act and speak to one another inspire me.

your [mantra]: John 1: 1.4-5: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it."

"Oh to grace how great a debtor/ daily I'm constrained to be!/ Let thy goodness like a fetter/ bind my wandering heart to thee./  Prone to wander Lord, I feel it,/ Prone to leave the God I love!/ Here's my heart, O take and seal it/ seal it for thy courts above!"

you [love]: I love people: family, friends, strangers. I love animals: dogs and giraffes are my personal favorites. I love my violin. I love football (bowwow bulldogs and go dawgs). I love sweet tea, long one on one chats with friends that bring life to relationships, naps, Samford, movie nights, star gazing, waterfalls, being outside and feeling soft grass under my feet, playing music and worshiping Jesus, concerts, exploring Birmingham, riding in the car, and just being with people in general.

you [hate]: I try not to use the word hate, but I really dislike derogatory language and lying, and how it can affect people. Unsweet tea is gross, as is coffee (sorry, Mom). Out of tune instruments are also the worst. I really don't like driving. Also peppers and spicy things have never tasted good.

your [purpose]:  To glorify God and enjoy him forever. Love God, love people.

you [believe]:   Love. I know that sounds so cliched, but love can truly change people. Christ's love for us and our love for people can do some major impact.

your [influence]:  My parents. My parents are the most giving and humble people I know. Many people know this, but my two youngest sisters were adopted out of the foster care system when I was growing up. They have special needs and that is never easy, but the unending and unconditional love my parents have provided them as well as Meg and me has been the most tangible picture of the Gospel I have ever seen. And I got to grow up with that. I hope I can grow up to be half the people they are.

you [admire]: Kindness and humor are the two biggest traits I love to see in people. It's impossible to not like a nice, funny person.

your [escape]: It depends what time of year it is, but I love getting friends together and watching a movie and eating food together. If it's sunny and warm outside, I love to bring out the hammocks and have a day outside reading and talking with each other.

your [fondest memory]: In fifth grade all I wanted for Christmas was a puppy. Christmas morning rolled around and I just knew he was there. But when it came time to go see what "Santa" left us, there was no puppy. I was heartbroken but tried to hide it. My mom asked me to go get her socks out of the laundry room (let's be honest, I was NOT happy she was asking me to do that when there was no puppy) and when I walked into the laundry room, there was a baby puppy sleeping in a box. I cried. Then he peed on me and he continued to do that every time he saw me until he died 2 years ago.

your [origins]: I was born in Atlanta, GA, but I am from Spartanburg, SC. I love being from the South because who doesn't like growing up with sweet tea and manners? But seriously, it was a great place to grow up and have a great community of believers around my family and me. It's an hour from the mountains, 2 hours from Atlanta, and 3 from the beach. I'd say that's prime location.

your [perfection]: Jesus. Aside from that, perfect doesn't exist.

your [challenge]: I don't enjoy being tall. So I guess self image? It's something I have to constantly remind myself that God created me this way and he doesn't make mistakes.

you’d [meet]  Ronald Reagan (does he count? He's not living). If he doesn't count, I would love to meet David Crowder and pick his brain for a few hours.

your [shining] moment:  When I walked out of my audition at Samford. I played the best I had ever played in my life and I honestly don't think I could play that song ever again any better than I did for those ten minutes.

your [humblest] moment: Oh, gosh. Okay, so freshman year of college, I was quickly walking past the dessert bar and some stupid person put their book bag in the MIDDLE of the caf floor and I tripped on it and did a hard fall on the ground. Like, hands out, face down, body straight as a board, face plant. In the front of the caf. Whoops.

your [childhood ambition]: I wanted to be a lawyer for a while. Then I wanted to be the first female president. Watch out Hillary, I'm coming for you. Clearly.

your [aspiration]: I want to be someone who loves fully. Who embraces life and all it has to offer.

your [wildest] dream: I want to play violin in a band. And tour and record and all of that.

your [biopic star]: Sandra Bullock. Please, I love that woman.

your [biopic star]: AMERICAN. But since I am already that, I'll choose South African.

your [dream destination]: Europe. I'd throw a dart to figure it out past there.

your [pet peeves]: People telling me I'm tall. Really? I hadn't noticed. Also, people being sketchy, biting nails, things being crooked, and drawers that aren't shut.

your [vices]:  Taco Bell. Duck Dynasty. Pretty Little Liars.

your [site]: I don't have a blog that I write, but recently I have been obsessing over the facebook page titled "Praying for Lily." If you don't know this little girl's story and how big our God is, check it out. https://www.facebook.com/groups/PrayingForLily/

your [last purchase]: I bought an American flag tonight to hang tomorrow for the USA vs. Portugal game. 'MERICA.

your [surprise]:  Okay, this is totally gonna be throwing myself under the bus, but one of my friends and I are borderline obsessed with George W. Bush. It has nothing to do with politics, but he's such a bro and we want to be his best friend.

your [location]: I am currently at camp, but in less than a month I will be headed back to Birmingham for my senior year of college. I'm not quite sure what comes after that, but I'm really excited to see where God leads me. I would love to stay in Birmingham after graduation, though.

you [like]: My personality. Also my legs. Is that bad?

you [are]: Compassionate.

Jules, you are a torch. Light-giving, fiery, illuminating, enthralling, trail-blazing. You leave places brighter than you found them, which I think is kind of the point of this whole life thing. You generously give of your self to others and lavishly share your incredibly vast talents with the world. You speak with passion, act with purpose, and love with intention. I am inspired by the way you tirelessly pursue people, which makes your friends (including myself) feel so very wanted. I couldn't be more crazy about my viola-playing, sign-language-speaking, America-loving Jules. I promised I wouldn't mention your height, but I've just gotta: It's a good thing your tall, because this world needs as much Jules as it can get! I love you deeply and dearly. Keep burning, my radiant girl. 

you are [delightful].