A Delightful Person: Kadie Haase


the story: i connected with kadie my freshman year at samford through lots and lots of mutual friends. this girl has been a highlight of my college experience, and i am honored to be living with her next fall!

your [soundtrack]: Anything by Will Reagan. Jonny Lang. Drew & Ellie. Ben Rector. Yep, I’m your typical Samford Gal. I’ll listen to anything that makes my heart feel good.

your [script]: The Parent Trap. Blood Diamond. Slumdog Millionaire.  [If it has foreign culture, I probably love it.]

your [library]: When Helping Hurts [Corbett], The Harry Potter Series [Rowling], Redeeming Love [Rivers], A Separate Peace [Knowles]

your [shade]: Mustard Yellow. It’s warm and hospitable.

your [inspiration]: people who radiate freedom. People who live in freedom and are unashamed of who they are inspire me.

your [mantra]: “Scatter JOY!” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

you [love]: Flannel. Coffee. African Babies. Boots. Community. Blueberry Muffins. Step Sing.

you [hate]: orange scented things.

your [purpose]: to love people well and to rejoice in every circumstance.

you [believe]: I believe in dreamers. I believe in people who don’t just have vision and passion for things, but they actually pursue them.

your [influence]: My best friend, Emily. Her love for people is endless. She’s gentle, truthful, compassionate, and doesn’t settle for injustice. She truly just loves me well.

you [admire]: freedom and confidence. I admire people with a willingness to be misunderstood for the sake of being free in who they were created to be.

your [escape]: I escape with a cup of coffee, a book, and a journal.

your [origin]: Born and raised in Roswell, Georgia [just 15 minutes north of Atlanta]. I love it because of the people. I grew up with all of my best friends from high school. They get me, encourage me, and love me- even when we are scattered across the country.

your [fondest memory]: Two summers ago while I was in Kenya, I got to go see my sponsor child, Catherine, again. I swear it was like a movie. She ran out of her class and jumped into my arms. It’s probably one of the sweetest memories I have.

your [perfection]:  Unattainable. PTL for grace, y’all.

your [challenge]: people- pleasing.

you want to [meet]: Esther.

your [shining] moment: Last summer some of the Kenyan women told me I was the best white girl they’ve ever seen make Chapati. That was quite the accomplishment.

your [humblest] moment: Oh gosh, my life is one long embarrassing moment filled with tripping, ripped clothing, and awkward silences.

you want to [be]: The most free and bold version of myself.

your [wildest] dream: Live on every inhabited continent for at least a year.

your [dream destination]: Kenya, for sure.

your [pet peeves]: When people chomp their gum.

your [vice]: Friday Night Lights.

your [site]: Welp, I’m a religion and JMC student, so I often post on 


your last [purchase]: RED pants from Ann Taylor Loft.

your [now]: I’m a studying Religion & Journalism and Mass Communication, and hoping to pursue social work in the future.

your [childhood ambition]:In pre-school I wanted to be a ballet dancer. Or Baby Spice.

your [secret]: I’m almost never on time. But then again, I guess most people know that.

you [like]: I’d like to think that I never meet a stranger. I love that I love people.

you [are]: Consistent

kadie, you are the flesh-and-bones manifestation of joy. i've come across very few people who are as kind, compassionate, humble, and gracious as you. you see the beauty in every person and every situation because jesus, who makes ALL things beautiful, lives in the center of your heart and mind. daily i benefit from your encouragement, laughter, concern, and love. spending time with you is a day-maker, and i am counting down the days until we move into our little house! you are so loved, kadie. keep loving the light, my joyous girl.

you are [delightful].