A Delightful Person: Kristen Elmore


the story: i went to middle school and high school with kristen. i can't remember exactly when we met, but i know i was so drawn by her great attitude and sassy outfits. we started a highly secretive club in the tenth grade that resulted in many an adventure. sadly, we were parted by our college choices, but she's living the dream at au.

your [soundtrack]: "your song" by elton john, "into the ocean" by blue october, "moonshadow" by cat stevens, "dark blue" by jack's mannequin, "us" by regina spektor, "can't go back now" by the weepies, "dog days are over" by florence + the machine (long before the glee cover), "girlfriend in a coma" by the smiths.

your [script]: the royal tenenbaums, wizard of oz, shawshank redemption, delicatessen.

your [rough draft]: the hunger games series, the bfg, invisible monsters, the chronicles of narnia, nancy drew.

your [shade]: copper has been my favorite color for years. it's metallic yet warm. it's a very charming color.

you [love]: sunny days, mountains, europe, converse, cooking, cranberry juice, and socks.

you [hate]: bathing suits, frappucinos, adult cartoons, carnations, humidity, and mashed potatoes.

your [escape]: i get in my bed, wrap up in a million blankets and pillows, and zone in front of the tube until i fall asleep. typically, i'm a pretty relaxed lady, so when i do go through these motions, i've had a pretty bad day or was in a hateful mood. and when i wake up from this nap of champions, i always feel like a king.

your [origins]: it's hard to explain my relationship with my hometown of montgomery, alabama, but in the last couple of years i've learned to love its southern culture.

your biggest [challenge]: following through with my promises to myself. i tend to turn on lazy mode sometimes, which make me lose sight of my priorities.

you want to [meet]: is it weird to say future me? oh, well. i wish i could meet the future version of myself, mostly so i could give myself advice about things i get confused of worried about now. oh, and zooey deschanel. i wanna be her best friend.

your [wildest] dream: to drop everything and go live in the woods as a recluse. no, really. i would be a full-time survivalist. it would be amazing.

your [pet peeves]: SMACKING. campus trends (i.e. nike shorts), and pointless anger.

your [website]: i used to have a blog. ad then i got two new ones and haven't updated them in forever, but i'm going to eventually.

your [last] purchase: other than lunch, i last purchased a scratch-off map for (my boyfriend) marion's birthday. basically, you scratch off the gold foil that's covering the countries that you've been to... like a lottery ticket. that seems like a really silly explanation, but that's the best i can do.

your childhood [ambition]: i wanted to be a chef like nobody's business. i watched the food network 24/7, and i said "BAM!" all the time. i guess it was cute. i made some killer strawberry milk, though.

your most [embarrassing] moment: one time, i slid on some gravel and fell on my face during a fire drill. a lot of people saw it.

 your [location]: college is perfect for me. i'm at auburn university, and i'm totally in love with it.

[surprise] us: i want a whistle collection. and i get unreasonably jealous sometimes.

you [like]: that i'm almost always optimistic. i love being light-hearted and happy.. it gives me a reason to be positive everyday.

describe [yourself]: COLORFUL.

kristen, you are a work of art -- figuratively and often literally. you are glittery and bright and fun and insanely creative. you have the world's most infectious laughter; in fact, i often leave you with a face sore from smiling. you were just about my favorite part of high school -- you turned everyday into an adventure worth remembering. i love your free spirit, unbridled enthusiasm, and knack for abbreviations. you are a dazzlingly bright spot in my life. keep twinkling, darling.

you are [delightful].