A Delightful Person: Lillian Parker


 the story: i met lillian in kindergarten, and we became fast friends. many brick couches, lemonade sales, secret clubs, ballet classes, birthday parties, and years later we made it to the same high school, where i was blessed to continue to call her a dear friend. i gave her a necklace a while back that you can probably see in most of the photos, and it means the world to me that she never ever took it off… until it broke, that is.just a warning, this girl’s about as cute as they come.

your [soundtrack]: “pink bullets” by the shins, “re: stacks” by bon iver, “academia” by sia, “for whom the bell tolls” by metallica, “good stuff” by b-52s, “ATLiens” by outkast, “the wall” by pink floyd, “scar tissue” by red hot chili peppers, “that time” by regina spektor, “goonies never say die!” by set your goals, “fire and rain” by james taylor.

your [script]: there are so many movies that i really enjoy, but my all time top favorite forever and ever is and always will be fantasia. the 1940 one, NOT the 2000 one.


your [rough draft]: the giver by lois lowry, the harry potter series by j.k. rowling, catcher in the rye by j.d. salinger, cat’s cradle by kurt vonnegut,angela’s ashes by frank mccourt, all stories by beatrix potter

your [shade]: i usually answer this question with a simple “green.” honestly though, i’ve come to love all colors. there’s so much beauty and intrigue in any shade of every color that it’s hard for me to choose just one.

your [inspiration]: it’s something new everyday.

words to [live] by: i was just bony hands as cold as a winter pole / you held a warm stone out new flowing blood to hold. [“pink bullets” by the shins] the lyrics to this song always remind me of the importance of letting people enter your life even if you eventually have to let them go. you can only learn so much about yourself on your own.

you [love]: pooh bear, gaps in teeth, peppermint, writing things by hand, traditional style tattoos, yogurt covered pretzels, cute little nothings, feeling it in your bones.

you [hate]: not being able to fall asleep, coffee, when people are rude, getting shots, self doubt.

your [escape]: lay in bed amidst all the covers and read a good book. sit outside if the weather is pleasant and enjoy the fresh air. eat a peanut butter sandwich. take a really hot shower without actually bathing.

your [origins]: montgomery, alabama, born and raised. it wasn’t until i left for college that i really realized how much i appreciate my hometown. in high school i was really tired of seeing the same surroundings and being viewed a certain way because i’m from the deep south. now i love it. i can’t wait to travel and move throughout my life and be able to flaunt my southern roots, y’all.

your biggest [challenge]: accepting myself and the changes I have undergone and will continue to undergo.

you wish you could [meet]:  my childhood self. just to tell her to keep on truckin’. I think I would like her a whole lot.

you want to [be]: i want to be lillian and all that she is capable of being. i won’t settle for anything less.

 your [wildest] dream:  live in real-lifelord of the rings scenario and fight the forces of evil.

your childhood [ambition]: despite being such a nerdy bookworm of a child, i don’t think i ever had one single ambition. i was timid, but i knew that i wanted to be some sort of leader. my parents always told me i would make a great leader.

your most [embarrassing] moment: i can’t think of one instance in particular, but i can almost guarantee you it has something to do with farting in public. it’s embarrassing me even to type that, haha.

your [pet peeves]: loud eaters, loud breathers, crooked wall-hangings, linty clothing.

your [guilty] pleasure: cookies and cream milkshakes, stumbleupon, british teen dramas, men with foreign accents.

your [site]: i don’t have a blog, although i’ve thought about getting a blog before. perhaps in the future. I do have a flickr though! http://flickr.com/lillsaun

your [location]: i am currently a freshman at auburn university in auburn, alabama. on of my best friends and i are going to begin looking for a place to live together this very weekend. i’m also going to apply soon to work as a camp counselor this summer. life is simple but so good.

 [surprise] us: i had straight hair until i was 13. then apparently i started going crazy.

[describe] yourself: paradoxical.

lil, you are kind of like a little doll i just want to squeeze all the time because you’re so precious.  i love your twinkling blue eyes and freckles and ringlets. just your presence makes me happy. i have laughed harder with you than with just about anyone else — lunchtime with you at LAMP was the highlight of my day. you are so fun and bright and quirky, but you also display incredible emotional and intellectual depth. you bop through life slightly off-beat, and that’s why you are so loved. keep it cool, mi amor.

 you are [delightful].