A Delighted Person: Naomi Martin


Within a month of moving to England I met Naomi and her sister Emily at a church gathering they help facilitate in London. These girls are magnetic and it took about five seconds of conversation with Naomi to realize that this girl was going to be extremely dear to me. She and Emily are my "sister fix" when I am missing my own sisters, as well as my "American fix" because they are half American! My affection for Naomi only deepened when I learned her incredible story, which aligns extraordinarily with my own sister's story of healing. Check out Naomi's blog to learn more!

I am from London and I love it because of its diversity, cultures, busyness, loudness and TfL (Transport for London).

My current phase of life looks like fog. I don’t feel like I have much direction, but I am taking each 100 yards of visibility as it comes and making the most of it. (Deep side note: Do I want the fog to clear? If it was a clear view ahead all the time would I miss things along the journey? Walking through the fog is in a searching, seeking, careful way whereas if it were clear, would I get used to the path and end up walking with my head down?) 

My philosophical trademark is seeing a positive aspect in every situation.

I want to be like a lighthouse so I can spread light and hope.

I am inspired by people who make it against all odds.

I love adventures with friends, family holidays, Oreos and lions.

I hate popping candy (Pop Rocks).

Not much makes me cry these days, but sometimes I catch myself crying when I see another life deeply impacted in a way that no one else could know or help but God. I love His heart and seeing it reach others.

Michael Scott makes me laugh.

My purpose is to live for Christ. When people see me, I want them to see that I only live and exist because of Jesus and his extraordinary saving power.

I am most influenced by my family.

I admire honesty in other people.

I escape by being alone while cooking/baking or watching a '90s film.

To me, perfection is swinging in a hammock in the sun whilst drinking a delicious latte (one so good that you don't want it to end) in a cute cafe in Paris and it's raining outside.

My biggest challenge is knowing my identity and where my worth comes from. Knowing I am complete and that I am not lacking.

My fondest memory is catching lightning bugs in America and falling asleep to the sound of crickets.

My proudest moment was being able to eat, walk, and function again after my brain surgery, and then graduating from university!

I wish I could have dinner with Leonardo DiCaprio.

My favo(u)rite meal is classic hot dogs, potato salad and hamburger.

Your favo(u)rite songs of all time are "In Over my Head" by Jen Johnson, "Beethoven's 5 Secrets" by OneRepublic "Cello/Orchestral Cover" by ThePianoGuys, "Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane

The films I could watch on replay are '90s films and Tom Hanks films

The books that have influenced me most are Restless by Jennie Allen, Crash the Chatterbox by Steven Furtick, Crazy Love by Francis Chan

My wildest dream is to visit every single person I know around the world and spend time with them.

My most embarrassing moment is some of the hairstyles I have attempted.

Jennifer Lawrence would star as me in a movie about my life.

If I could get on a plane right now I would travel to America, where the other half of my heart lives.

My morning routine is hitting snooze... more sleep first and then I read my devotional, make coffee and realise I have somewhere to be!

My most recent purchase was a brand new work bag from Accessorise!

My celebrity crush is Zac Efron.

My pet peeves are men with long nails, dirt under fingernails, cupboards that are left open or don't close all the way.

My bucket list includes going to South Africa, LA, and New York; and being on an active film set.

My guilty pleasures are Katy Perry, Guylian chocolate, binges, watching movies and old TV shows.

My childhood ambition was to be a chef.

My website is naomimay19.blogspot.co.uk.

Something few people know about me is that I don't do too well with heights, but I somehow always find myself at the the top of the tallest building in the world or climbing up a mountain.

I like my voluminous hair.

I am steadfast.

Naomi, you wrote that you want to be a lighthouse and a lighthouse is precisely what you are – a shining beacon proclaiming to a dark world that hope and safety and light are near! You have crawled through the miry valley of death, yet somehow your spirit remains so beautifully pure. You've taught me how to choose beauty over bitterness, laughter over weeping, and trust over worry. You are a friend to all people and have mastered the art of making others feel truly seen. This world is a brighter, better place because you exist. So many of my most cherished memories from England are adventures with YOU! And Emily, duh. Thank you for being my family and my soul sister, Naomi. I proper love you. Keep calling those lost boats toward the light, my beaming Naomi.