A Delightful Person: Natalie Jehn


the story: natalie is a beloved cousin, best friend, and cinematic muse (please refer to this jewel). she's also a sister to this delightful person.

your [soundtrack]: "give me love" by ed sheeran. "love lust" by king charles. "blood" by the middle east. "awake my soul" mumford and sons. "blue skies" by noah and the whale. "your ex-lover is dead" by stars. "some nights" by fun.

your [script]: arrested development, new girl, friday night lights, how i met your mother.

your [library]: books that make my heart burst: the bible, redeeming love by francine rivers, love does by bob goff. books that i absolutely can't put down: the hunger games by suzanne collins, feed by m.t. anderson, maze runner by james dashner, the girl with the dragon tattoo by steig larsson, never let me go by kazuo ishiguro, divergent by veronica roth. guilty pleasures: twilight by stephenie meyer, delerium by lauren oliver, matched by ally conde.

your [shade]: red!! it's exciting and passionate, bold and abrasive. you really can't ignore red. it holds its own in the spectrum. and i love red lipstick!

your [inspiration]: oh my goodness, anything, everything. my family. my three favorite girls: shannon, alex, and mary (i would be lost without them and life would be a little less magical), music (mostly when driving), words that are well chosen, love letters, my students. they inspire me to be better. to be someone who shapes them, loves them, and fights for them. a nice note just because. a smile. a child understanding something for the first time. someone telling you they love you. trials. growing, learning, loving.

your [mantra]: "God defiers are always in trouble. God affirms find themselves loved every time they turn around." psalm 32:10

you [love]: jesus, family reunions, road trips, airports,rainstorms, rummage sales, target, cookies, hydrangeas, people, paris, photographs, teaching, kids, iphone 4s, a hard run, crafts, pinterest, buying a new song on itunes, meeting a cute boy for the first time, reading, keeping busy, laughing, doing weird things to make other people laugh.

you [hate]: snakes, sharks, and slow walkers.

your [purpose]: to make every child i teach feel important, special, loved, challenged, and inspired.

you [believe]: in love.

you [admire]: physical: eyes. personality: zest, self-control, and grit.

your [escape]: NETFLIX! or a really good book.

your [perfection]: something we will strive towards and fall short of until we die.

your [challenge]: remembering everyday that God's way is better than my own.

you'd [meet]:  sean farris and we could live happily ever after.

your [shining] moment: finishing my first year of teaching.

your [humblest] moment: when i was at a science museum with mary austin, my skirt blew up in a glass cased hurricane simulator, and i flashed a group of schoolchildren on a field trip.

your [aspiration]: to be someone who made a difference. someone who loved radically.

your [wildest] dream: to move to paris and own a boutique that mostly sells antique jewelry and handmade greeting cards.

your [childhood ambition]: to be a teacher. or a movie star.

your [destination]: PARIS. HANDS DOWN.

your [pet peeve]: long lines, traffic, intentionally rude people, internet failure, people who park their car in two spaces.

your [vice]: chocolate. watching ten episodes in a row of a really great tv series. jelly bellies. pinterest.

your [last purchase]: a really amazing pair of maroon skinny jeans.

your [surprise]: i have dressed up like a man on multiple occasions.

your [origin]: wisconsin. i don't love it, that's why i moved.

your [location]: houston, texas. 7th grade writing teacher at YES prep eat end, serving low income children. population: 99% hispanic. our policy is that students cannot graduate until they have been accepted to a 4 year university. this school changes lives.

you [like]: my ability to laugh things off. i don't take myself too seriously, which allows me to really learn from other people.

you [are]: ready.

natalie (or, as i prefer to call you: zan), to borrow a sentiment from the incomparable katy perry, you are a firework. but, unlike the momentary spark of a firework, your glow is continuous and constant. you don't believe in wasting a second of precious time. you are always learning, thinking, creating, doing, and laughing. in fact, laughter is the first word i associate with you because you have brought so much laughter to my life. you will do anything to make others smile, and you know nothing of embarrassment. not a moment of your life is lived half-heartedly, but instead with incredible passion and zeal. you are adventurous, bold, and bright, and have showered me with your vibrancy each day. i love you more than you could know. stay ignited, brilliant girl.

you are [delightful].