A Delightful Person: Sarah Beth Little


the story: My first memory of Sarah Beth was listening to her speak to a group of girls at a sisterhood retreat my freshman year of college. She was so starkly different than anyone I had encountered thus far at school, and I just knew I had to befriend her. Now, these many years later, we are wonderful friends, confidants, theological sparring partners, and brunch buddies. Oh, and I christened her "Sugar Britches" and she loves it. 


[your soundtrack]:  All I Need is You- Hillsong, Hometown Glory- Adele, Born to Die- Lana Del Ray, Hurt- Johnny Cash, The Mixed Tape- Jack’s Mannequin,  A Thing Called Love- The Darkness, Electric Feel- MGMT, Your Winter- Sister Hazel, Strawberry Swing- Coldplay, Wonderdummied- Brooke Wagoner, Fires- David Ramirez, The Funeral- Band of Horses, Bullet and a Target- Citizen Cope, Midnight City- M83, Times- Tenth Avenue North, and anything Bon Iver.  Currently my favorite is Holocene

[your script]:  Breakfast Club (the hilarious TV edit version), Orange County, Never Been Kissed, Legally Blond, She’s The Man, School of Rock, A Little Princess, Bella

[your rough draft]:  Apart from Scripture, Power of One by Bryce Courtenay and Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

[your shade]: Green. All the best things are green (unless they’re black, which makes them also the best things, especially clothes).

[your inspiration]:  People who live life to the fullest and in ultimate pursuit of the Lord. Also all the things that I love.

[your mantra]:  Romans 8, Galatians 2:20, 2 Corinthians 5:13-21, J. Hudson Taylor’s life story
“I don’t care if you major in tiddlywinks as long as you’re happy and doing what the Lord has for you.”- My Dad.


[you love]:  The Lord and genuine salvations bring me more joy than anything else. After that, lovely things include piano music, my siblings, lists on notecards, sunsets, fellowship, funny faces, hugs, colors, happy people, DKNY Be Delicious, stars, thoughtfulness, dancing, bridges, clean feet, tobasco, open windows, driving, the mountains, organization, fall weather, sleepovers, key lime pie, meaningful conversation, dressing up in costumes, my youth group from home, old photographs, travel.

[you hate]:  Stubbed toes, hatefulness, black and navy together, Lindy’s cowboy legs (love/hate), derogatory words, moths, wet socks, disappointing people

[your purpose]:  Ultimately, to glorify God in all that I do and enjoy worship with Him forever. Right now, that looks like making worthwhile friends, honoring my parents by doing well in school, and not striving for perfection but striving for dependence on Christ.

[you believe]: In giving people the benefit of the doubt.

[your influence]:  My parentals, Marjorie McClain Grindle, and Jessica Thornton

[you admire]:  It’s a tie between humility and discipline.

[your challenge]: Finding a balance between my need for solitude and my need for making memories with fantastic people.

[your escape]: Depends on the situation, but usually being in the sunshine and zoning out until my body is a limp noodle and my mind is full of happy memories. Other times it’s compulsively cleaning or making a wonderfully huge chaotic mess with art supplies. I find comfort in the contradiction that is my life.

 [your origins]:  Gainesville, GA. The drive back home is one of my favorite things. In the transition into the Blue Ridge Mountains, everything gets greener and friendlier. The city was built around a lake so it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll cross over a beautiful area on a bridge no matter where you’re headed. But I guess my favorite thing about Gainesville is the feeling of familiarity and home.

[your fondest memory]:  Anything that involves my brothers. They are some crazy kids.

[your childhood ambition]:   I wanted to be a famous equestrian/fire baton twirler…. Apparently I wanted to join the circus.

[your most embarrassing moment]: When I was 8 years old I was a huge diva. One day my mom picked out a really heinous dress (or so I thought at the time) for me to wear to church and I refused to put it on and therefore decided to wear no clothes at all. There I sat in my underwear when my father threw me over his shoulder and carried me out to the front of the house and buckled me into the car. THE WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD SAW ME IN MY UNDERWEAR. Needless to say, when I arrived at church I was wearing the heinous dress.

[your perfection]: Perfection to me in this life looks like some solid jams, being with people I love, laughing til you have a six pack, and dancing til you can’t anymore. Ideally on a rooftop at either sunrise or sunset. Gotta love those skyscapes.

[you want to meet]:  Jesus Christ: seriously cannot wait for that day! Johnny Depp: to let him know he’s one of the few guys that can pull off guyliner (and to see if he’s really as weird as he seems). Paul: such an inspiration. I’d love to be able to follow him around. Chuck Close: his art is amazing and I think it’s awesome how he is majorly paralyzed but figured out a way to still be able to paint.

[your future self]: I want to be myself, yet totally secure in everything about me because I am exactly who the Lord created me to be.

[your wildest dream]:  I think it’d be really cool if I could just travel the world and hang out with awesome people, old and new, and just be intentional with every day.

[your dream destination]:  I am dying to retrace Paul’s missionary journeys!

[your pet peeves]:  Smacking, dirty fingernails, constant negativity

[your vices]:  The cover version of Sexual Healing by Ben Harper. I know, I know… that’s why it’s a guilty pleasure! A close second would be most Katy Perry songs… I hate that I love them.

[your location]: I’m currently an art major at Samford University taking life a semester at a time, traveling any chance I get, but trying to follow Jim Elliot’s wise words of “wherever you are, be all there.”

[you like]:  I really like my collarbone, my wrists, and my big hair. Don’t ask me why, I just do.

[you are]:  Sassy.

Sarah Beth,  you are a well -- unfathomably deep and fantastically refreshing. I love your mind and your questions and your honesty. Thank you for realizing the weight of the human soul and the importance of Christ's command to make disciples. Thank you for making beautiful art and loving a good themed costume party. Thank you for embracing your amazing hair and generously flashing that gorgeous smile that brightens this world.  Every moment I spend with you is a treasured gift, as are the many lessons you've unknowingly taught me about strength, forgiveness, and faith. I have a feeling that our mutual wanderlust will take us many places together, and that makes me happy. I love you immeasurably. Keep changing the world, Sugar Britches. 

You are [delightful].