A Delightful Person: Sarah (Wolf) Sizemore


the [story]: sarah is my oldest sister with whom i am fortunate enough to share a childhood, a family, many world travels, and a considerable amount of DNA.

your [soundtrack]: i really like new music and finding new artists, so there are plenty of short-lived favorites in my musical history. however, i have to say josh ritter and sufjan stevens are two that have stood the test of time for me. especially josh's hello starling and the animal years albums and sufjan's seven swans, michigan, and illinois albums... i think these are about as good as it gets. sara groves lyrics and sandra mccracken's hymn remakes will always make my soul sing. bon iver and first aid kit are up there, too.

your [rough draft]: reading has been a lifetime love of mine, and i could easily do a top 100 list of my favorite books and authors from the past twenty-something years. but i'll keep it simple and stick to the top 10 books and authors of my twenties... (ahhhh, this leaves out so many!)



1. marilynne robinson

2.barbara kingsolver

3. wendell berry

4. jonathan safran foer

5. nicole krauss

6. john steinbeck

7. j.k. rowling

8. cormac mccarthy

9. eugene peterson

10. c.s. lewis


1. gilead - marilynne robinson

2. omnivore's dilemma - michael pollan

3. eat this book - eugene peterson

4. the shadow of the almighty - elisabeth elliot

5.the supper of the lamb - robert capon farrar

6. the poisonwood bible - barbara kingsolver

7. reading lolita in tehran - azar nafisi

8. everything is illuminated - jonathan safran foer

9. at home: a short history of private life - bill bryson

10. middlemarch - george eliot

your [shade]: in early elementary school my favorite crayon in the crayola box was 'cerulean' but i wasn't sure how to pronounce it, so whenever i was asked my favorite color i just spelled it out for whoever was interested. c-e-r-u-l-e-a-n... that's my favorite color. although, with the right wardrobe, i could wear yellow every single day if i could.

your [inspiration]: reading, hearing about and seeing in action the passions of others, experiencing different cultures, and the natural world.

your [mantra]: tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? - mary oliver, the summer day

o to grace how great a debtor daily i'm constrained to be! let thy goodness, like a fetter, bind my wandering heart to thee. prone to wander, lord, i feel it, prone to leave the god i love; here's my heart, o, take and seal it, seal it for thy courts above. - robert robinson, come thou fount of every blessing

you [love]: laughing with my siblings, traveling with my husband, watching my daughter grow up, the smell of old library books, the excitement of experiencing a new place, any and all dairy products.

you [hate]: violence and selfishness.

you [admire]: patience, unselfishness, contentedness, eloquence, cleverness.

your [escape]: taking walks. i could wander and walk for hours.

your [fondest] memory: i can still remember being rocked to sleep by my mother and feeling entirely secure and completely comforted. then i dreamed that the moon was an enormous chocolate chip cookie and i ate it. 100% true.

your [childhood] ambition: i wanted to be a children's book author, but it didn't take me long to realize i was a terrible writer so i let that dream go.

your [humblest] moment: oh, heavens! it’s a super long story so i'll keep it brief... freshman year of college me and a friend were wandering the dorm looking for a particular movie to borrow and we stopped by some girl’s room that we sort of knew but not very well and she wasn’t there but we saw that she had the movie we were looking for so we went in anyway to get it. i got distracted when i saw this dress laying out that looked perfect for the party i had coming up so i decided to try it on. meanwhile, my friend had grabbed a pudding cup from the girl’s fridge and was snacking on that as i was changing. the dress was too small and we were laughing about how ridiculous i looked when girl and her roommate walk in as I’m busting out of her semi-formal dress and my friend is snacking on her treats. serious bummer. it was unbearably awkward as i fumbled out of the dress and tried to explain the situation but thankfully everyone was sort of laughing by the time my friend and i left. no idea what i was thinking with that one.

your [challenge]: punctuality, handling confrontation, laziness.

you [wish] to meet: my daughter when she's an old lady.

you [want] to be: wife and mother have been the roles i've wanted to fulfill for as long as i can remember. so i guess i get to be who i've always wanted to be. it's the best.

your [wildest] dream: to move with my family to a different country and make it our home.

your [pet peeves]: feeling rushed.

your [vices]: cheezits, barefoot contessa reruns, having gum in my mouth at all times, ghiradelli dark chocolate chips.

your [last] purchase: mother's day cards and baby cowgirl boots for glory (they're red... with white stars. i can't even stand how adorable they are.)

your [location]: i'm in lexington, kentucky, loving life with my husband and baby girl.

sarah, you possess true beauty, that extraordinary confluence of kindness, thoughtfulness, bravery, intelligence, joy, wit, and grace. quietly and simply, you live with a profound appreciation for this world and a deeply touching love for the people in it. i am amazed by and so proud of the wife, mother, and person that you've become. i treasure the tragically few days i get to spend with you and love you more with each one that passes. thank you for always caring for me, laughing with me, and listening to me. you make me feel so valuable. you are a sister and a soulmate, and i couldn't be crazier about you, sarah. keep beautifying, my radiant girl. 

you are [delightful].