A Delightful Person: Jordan Cone


Jordan was a fellow expatriate who lived in the Balkans as I was living in the UK. Living abroad affords opportunities for quick and deep bonds, so Jordan has become a dear friend and valuable travel partner. Together we've watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle, read from Acts on Mars Hill, screamed for Taylor Swift in Hyde Park, and walked the cobbled streets of Prague. What a privilege it is to know and learn from Jordan Cone!

I am from Ayden, NC and I love it because we have the best pork BBQ in the world. 

My current phase of life looks like figuring out how mix my newfound ideals with the culture of America.

My physical or philosophical trademark is showing what I believe on my face. I wouldn’t be very good at poker.

My purpose is to love God, to love others and to never cease speaking of the greatness of my Savior.

I believe in good design. God created this world and called it good, and I’m called to mirror that and bring a little Eden to Earth.

I love coffee, books and last but not least: cats!

I hate feeling tired, double standards, exercise, and most public opinions.

I admire honesty/realness in other people. 

The films I could watch on replay are 500 Days of Summer, Because I Said So, It’s Complicated.

I am currently reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and 7 Women by Eric Metaxas.

My favorite color is black because it never goes out of style.

I am inspired by other cultures.

I escape by being alone, being lost in a novel, or both at the same time.

My fondest memory is my whole life in Europe from 2015 to 2016.

I wish I could have dinner with my ancestors. I have so many questions for them.

My proudest moments was when I was riding the tram in Belgrade and a local turned to me to ask for directions (in Serbian) to help a foreigner find something. 

My favorite scent is fresh Jasmine (preferably from the trees in Croatia).

My favorite meal is Thai Red Curry from Smokvica via Belgrade, Serbia. Or Sarma.

My celebrity crush is Joseph Gordon Levitt (because 500 Days of Summer).

I have a phobia of the dark.

My wildest dream is seeing every country before I die.

My favorite time of day is mid-morning.

If I could get on a plane right now, I would travel to Morrocco.

If I could time travel, I would go to 1920s Paris to hang with the great writers.

If I could live in a fictional location, I’d live in the University with Kvothe.

If I could name yourself, I would be called Natalie because it channels my inner Slav: Natalya or Natalija.

My bucket list includes tiling my future bathroom with tile I'd purchase in Morocco, spending a week on a snowy mountain in the Alps (no skiing involved – only hot chocolate, crackling fires, and good novels accepted).

Movies, other people who are crying, and really anything sad makes me cry.

My friends make me laugh.

My guilty pleasures are sometimes inappropriate movies or any skit with Zach Galifianakis in it.

My childhood ambition was to design 5 star hotels.

My website is hopeofanangel.wordpress.com.

My most recent purchase was groceries.

The last person who texted me was my momma.

Something few people know about me is my love language is information. So how about that, Gary Chapman?!

I like my eyes.

I am curious.

Jordan, you are a truth teller. I can't recall knowing another young woman as firmly rooted in authenticity as you are. You express your feelings, struggles, and opinions without a sugar coating, yet you always manage to mix a lot of love in with the truth. Your intellectual and emotional depth astound me, and your singular prioritization of the Gospel challenges me. You are a master storyteller and I'm guaranteed to cry with laughter every time we're together. You are curious and engaging and globally-minded. God's redemption story became all the more beautiful when you were written into it. Keep bringing the truth, Jo. 


A Delightful Person: Sarah Witkowski


To this day, Sarah and I still discover mutual friends or strange connections we had long before we met. Despite orbiting in the same Birmingham circles, Sarah and I didn't meet until a few winters back when we were waiting for a flight to the same job fair. The jobs have come and gone, but the sisterhood stays strong.

My trademark is my one liner sayings. Go big or go home.

My purpose is to glorify God and to make much of Him in my life in whatever I do.

I admire resiliency in other people.

My favorite song of all time is: Oh gosh, how to choose? It's like choosing your favorite child, you know? How does one choose between the Goo Goo Dolls, Ella Fitzgerald, Amos Lee and Third Eye Blind?

The films I could watch on replay are… The Sound of Music, The Princess Diaries, Remember the Titans

I am currently reading…about 7 partially started books, I have a problem with starting but not finishing books.

I am inspired by simple moments of people watching in parks, airports, coffeeshops. I hope that doesn’t come across too creepy…

I escape by listening to jazz or Frank Sinatra with white Christmas lights and a candle lit. 

I wish I could have dinner with Julie Andrews.

My favorite scent is the smell of your hair and clothes after sitting next to a campfire.

My favorite time of day is golden hour right before the sun sets. It is quite magical. 

My bucket list includes lunch with Julie Andrews and learning to DJ.

My guilty pleasures are Captain Crunch and 90’s music. 

My most recent purchase was crunchy cookie butter from Trader Joe's.

Sarah, your spirit is as clear and good as those green eyes. Your earnestness, authenticity, and gentleness are rare and refreshing. You ask good questions and give honest answers, which I consider two small acts of bravery. From Asia to Africa, you've left a wide swathe of goodness in your wake and I pray God allows you to keep throwing the confetti of your presence all around the globe. Having you in the world makes the air a little sweeter and I am glad we finally bumped into one another. Keep marching forth, sister.

Image by Alli Quattlebaum


A Delightful Person: Emily Martin


I met Emily right after I moved to England and it took me about five minutes of talking with her to know that this girl was going to be a forever friend. She was the life of the party the first night I met her and has continued to give life, laughter, and light to every moment I've spent with her since. She and her sister Naomi became my British sisters and are some of the people I miss most in the UK. Emily works in London's TV industry (so cool, right?) and has BIG things ahead of her. Watch out, world. 

I am from London and I love it because it's the most magical, multicultural, historical, versatile, excitingly cool city in the world. In my humble opinion...

My current phase of life looks like the most exciting thing to happen for me. Love living every moment. 

My physical trademark: I'm tall. 

My purpose is to be remembered, to show love to all and to achieve my goals and dreams.

I love Sundays, rain, cities, public transport, parks in London, shopping for other people (and myself), organizing and cleaning.

I hate cats and any other animals, really.

I am inspired by motivated people. Being motivated and driven is a choice and some people just get things done and are involved in so much. I am inspired daily to be more like that.

The words I live by are "Aim high and shoot straight". My mum always said it to me for years and I never understood it until recently. To me it means to keep your goals high and don't waver. 

I admire confidence in other people.

My favorite color is gold because it is joyful and stands out, it is so versatile as it can be sparkly and glamorous or really subtle and warm.

Your favorite songs of all time are "Resolution" by Matt Corby, "Don’t Stop Me Now" by Queen, "Down South" by Jeremy Loops.

The films I could watch on replay are Safety Not Guaranteed, Miss Congeniality, She’s the Man, 500 Days of Summer, The Intern.

My favorite meal is buffalo hot wings (have to be in America) with bleu cheese.

I wish I could have dinner with Kate Middleton, Prince William and the children. I want to be friends with them so bad. So. Bad. 

My celebrity crush is Zac Efron. 

My fondest memory is my parents surprising me at an awards show I was presenting at my college. They were hiding near the lockers outside the auditorium and didn't want to miss it as it was my first time presenting. I obviously didn't want them to come but I am so glad they did. Cheering me on. 

My biggest challenge is doing. It is so easy to ‘say’ what we want to do or achieve in life but the biggest challenge is to ‘do’ it. 

My proudest moments was presenting a show with Sir David Attenborough in front of 900 people. 

My most embarrassing moment: I was 13, doing a dance show. I was wearing borrowed leggings (which were too small and see-through) and doing a terrible dance which lasted forever. None of us wanted to be on that stage dancing. We were so self-conscious and embarrassed. At the end when I looked into the audience and saw my family, my dad raised his hand and went from a thumbs up to a firm thumbs down. It was mortifying, but that is the moment I learnt to laugh at myself. It was hilariously embarrassing. 

My wildest dream is to actually own a house in London. These prices are bananas. 

Anne Hathaway would star as me in a movie about my life.   

If I could get on a plane right now, I would travel to Peru. 

My bucket list includes climbing Machu Picchu in Peru. Stroking a giraffe from the top of its head all the way to its back. Riding an elephant (which I did in India!). 

Anything. The Olympics highlights. A proposal. Soldiers coming home. Weddings. Birthdays. Adverts. Anything to do with the royal family makes me cry.

People falling over (I know it's bad), lame jokes and my friends and family make me laugh.

My guilty pleasures are Kesha. I just play her music when I'm feeling sassy. 

My childhood ambition was to be a TV presenter  

My most recent purchase was flights to Prague! 

I like my personality.

I am gregarious.

Em, your brilliant spirit sparkles brighter than Kesha's body glitter ever will! You meet each new day of life with arms wide open, ready to experience every joy and tackle every challenge. You are clever, capable, confident, and really darn likable. I am often astounded at the amount of wisdom stuffed into that 20-year-old brain and could listen to you talk all day. You make everybody feel like a somebody, Em, and that reminds me a lot of Jesus. Your courage, wit, beauty, and curiosity (mixed with a lot of God's grace) will propel you to some spectacular places. It is a true and deep joy to call you friend and sister. Keep shining, my brilliant girl!