2017 Discoveries


If you haven't noticed, finding delightful things is kinda my deal. My inventory of delight continued to grow in 2017 as I kept my eyes open for all the real good ideas, places, and stuff.

What favorites did 2017 bring into your life? Share them below!



Nina Cosford


MoPoP (Seattle)


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netflix series



Baco Shop (LA)




2016 in Squares

I always dread January 1st. There's something cold and raw and empty about wintery beginnings. The warm yellow lights of Christmas disappear along with our temporary civilization built on celebration and cheer. I'm trying really hard to like New Year's Day, but I'm not quite there yet.

Until I get comfortable with new beginnings, I'll continue to flip through the thousands of beautiful mental (and digital) snapshots I took in 2016. Here is my year in squares, specifically squares from my life in England. Ringing in the new year means placing the last full-stop on my life's chapter in the United Kingdom.

This sure was a gorgeous year. One I didn't deserve. I am thankful for 2016.

I am choosing to be thankful now for 2017 and the rainbow of snapshots it holds.

2016 Discoveries

2016 brought all kinds of wonderful new-to-me discoveries. Friend, I highly recommend you check out some of these treasures!

What did you discover this year? Let me know in the comments and maybe you can provide some of my favorite things in 2017!



Molly Yeh


Khagee (Chiang Mai)


tv show

This Is Us


La Matriciana (Rome)



Horse + Hero (Asheville)